"We are all made of contradictions, inconsistencies, frustrations and desires.

The hopes to be balanced and tolerant are dubious, and still we are standing up, more or less, and only movement gives us some balance."


"The essence of my work is to make structures at their best, built of incompatible elements, opposing materials and paradoxical volumes.

None the less, these structures work; they are balanced in dynamics. Each element needs to exist in itself, be different, but in agreement with the others.

Each structure in some way is an expression of balance. It must have its own personality; it must be.

Really, Art, is it ever anything but a pretext?

Do the form it takes and the medium being used have any significance? The important thing is the story it tells, a well-built story, and if possible with a touch of humour.

Art is an opening not a closure; it extrapolates equilibrium and takes us somewhere else!"

(Traduction Corine Fegan)


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